BRIGHT is an immersive performative installation


A « parcours » made of actions and architectural settings,

creating « permanent situations » where the body in motion of the spectator becomes at the same time the subject and the object of the installation / performance.

 BRIGHT is a leap in the dark.

Into personal or common spaces where boundaries are defined by the depth of your own curiosity. The piece operates with the codes of the performance and the visual installation and flirts with near-darkness.



       With his project BRIGHT, Christian Bakalov defined the lines of his artistic interest to create an ambivalent art object, giving us the possibility to experience the performance as a spectator and performer at the same time. He considers the spaces he is investing, as a living organism and treats the activated body of the audience as a blood stream that flows between the different installations.



BRIGHT is the first part of the trilogy ETERNIA developed from the Spinoza’s  concept of « Eternity ».