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   ETERNIA is a trilogy inspired by Baruch Spinoza's concept of <eternity>, and composed from the immersive performative installations BRIGHT, PURE and ETERNAL.



   The trilogy propose a different way to consider and experience live performance by activating the audience's emotional, intellectual and physical states at the same time..


    By inducing the loss of passivity, Christian Bakalov aims to plant into the audience's mind, the idea that live performance is more than a product of consumption; and by encouraging each participant to connect with their most profound ideas and sensations of the <here and now>, Bakalov let the audience to experience the performative action as part of their life essence, in opposition to the concept of <art bourgeois> and the idea of entertainment.


      developed by Christian Bakalov since 2013, BRIGHT - 2015 , PURE - 2017 and ETERNAL -2019 are currently on tour.

    ETERNIA is produced by ArtEAST Foundation , co-produced by workspacebrussels , WP Zimmer-Antwerpen, Gouvernement-Gent and supported by Fabrika 126 / Sofia / Bulgaria  


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